Hot Off The Press!

Results just came in …

1. Ferruggia – Köhler   GER

2. Valeri – Kelet   DEN

3. Segatori – Sudol  GER

4. Konovaltsev – Konovaltseva   RUS

5. Kosaty – Glazyk   POL

6. Zharkhov – Kulikova RUS

Siegertanz von Ferruggia – Köhler war ein Wiener Walzer, den sie noch mit Oliver Wessel Therhorn choreographiert hatten, es kam Wehmut auf und es gab zahlreiche Tränen. And in English …

The Dance of Honour by Ferruggia-Koehler was a Viennese Waltz that the couple had choreographed together with Oliver Wessel – Therhorn (he passed away last week), … emotions came up and tears were shed!



~ by SAI on 28 November 2010.

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  1. wonderful

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