Thanks For Following!

Live from WetzlarThe IDSF Communications team is keenly aware that this blog is followed from around the world. Even if we have started somewhat behind schedule, you will definitely get the latest scoop on what is happening on the floor in Wetzlar right here. As of this moment, we seem to have more than 3,000 followers logged in. Thanks!

We are particularly challenged in the production of “nearly real-time” coverage on this World Standard here in Germany. The German television network ARD will air a 45-minute programme on the championship in Wetzlar tomorrow, 28 November, from 13:45. The organisers have asked us to block all the dance videos our team is producing right now in Germany until after this programme has aired. While we are experienced in handling just about everything regarding our DanceSport Total account on YouTube, we have never done that before.


~ by SAI on 27 November 2010.

2 Responses to “Thanks For Following!”

  1. Hi. I am watching from Iceland. We have two young couples competing in Amature 🙂 Look forward to see what countries make it to second round 🙂


  2. Hello Thorey! Sorry, both of your teams will have to train even more for next year’s World Standard. Thanks for watching!

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