2010 IDSF World Standard Schedule


Afternoon Session

11:00 Open of registration office
11:30 Practice
12:00 Opening of the hall
13:00 Start first rounds
15:00 Show
15:15 Re-dance
16:15 Show
16:30 Start second rounds
17:45 End of afternoon section
18:00 Preparation of the venue for the evening event

Evening Session

18:00 Sound check orchestra
18:00 Practice Standard and Latin
19:00 Opening of hall
20:00 Opening of ball and dance for the audience
20:10 Opening Ceremony
20:15 Welcome speech and transfer to the Master of Ceremony
20:18 Entry and introduction of all couples Standard and adjudicators
Athletes’ and Adjudicators’ Oath
20:35 Official opening of the IDSF World Championship
20:40 Quarterfinal World Standard (24 couples)
21:20 Dance for the audience
21:30 Entry and introduction of the couples Latin and semifinal
21:55 Show
22:05 Dance for the audience
22:15 Semi-final World Standard (12 couples)
22:35 Dance for the audience
22:45 Final Latin
23:00 Final World Standard
23:30 Dance for the audience
23:40 Winner proclamation World Standard
23:50 Dance of honour
24:00 Dance for the audience
01:00 End of ball

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