Wetzlar, GER, Revisited

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Part I of the 52-minute television programme on the 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Championship in Wetzlar, Germany. Produced by IDSF Television Partner IEC in Sports. Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler, GER, are coming home to defend their world title …

Watch parts two and three on DanceSport Total, the IDSF channel on YouTube’s Sports Hub or from the new IDSF website (launch date, time 11/02/2011 at 11:02 GMT) …



Sights & Sounds from Wetzlar, GER!

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These sights and sounds were produced by Prof. Dr. Helmut Roland, Sport & Event Photography – © 2011, on the 2010 IDSF World Standard in Wetzlar, GER. Enjoy!


2010 IDSF Grand Slam Final Standard

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Ferruggia - Koehler, GER © AritaThe 2010 IDSF Grand Slam Final Standard is history! The six finalists wrapped up their evening with the Quickstep at the Luwan Stadium in Shanghai, CHN. The closest fight in Wetzlar, GER, was certainly between Segatori – Sudol, GER, and Konovaltsev – Konovaltseva, RUS, for third place. If anything, the fight between the same couples got even closer in Shanghai: 220.14 versus 219.79. And this time it is perfectly quantified in all the different Programme Components!

The old and new IDSF Grand Slam Champions Standard commented their performance in last night’s Final. “We are obviously delighted with this victory. But we are also very tired and suffering from jet lag. That we did not dance as well tonight as we did two weeks ago in Wetzlar, at the World Championship, has probably to do with the trip that took out a lot of energy this time,” said Benedetto.

1. Ferruggia – Köhler GER 237.29
2. Valeri – Kelet DEN 233.71
3. Segatori – Sudol GER 220.14
4. Konovaltsev –Konovaltseva RUS 219.79
5. Zharkhov – Kulikova RUS 208.57
6. Cavallaro – Clifton ITA 202.36


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The IDSF Communications team wishes to point out that the official results of the 2010 IDSF World Standard might reflect the placing of the Danish couple Bioern Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, the current World Ten Dance Champions, improperly. The following was pointed out to us by Bjoern himself.

Team Denmark“It doesn’t look so good that it says that we were 14th when we pulled out in the quarterfinal because I slipped on the floor and my knee cap went out. There have been many people who have sent messages asking how it could be that we were 14th. I don’t know if it’s possible to put something on the website so people know why we pulled out? Anything would be great so people don’t think we danced really bad and got a bad result. My knee is doing much better now, but I have to build up all the muscles around the knee again to stabilise it.”

We couldn’t agree more and only wish to point out that, in our effort to provide you with “nearly real-time coverage” on the World Standard, we made mention of Bjoern’s serious injury at the time. Click here! Let’s hope that the results will be amended accordingly!

Marek Kosaty – Paulina Glazik, POL

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Marek Kosaty – Paulina Glazik, POL, in the final of the 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Standard.


Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS

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Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS, in the final of the 2010 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Standard.


Someone Commented …

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“Yesterday I was able to watch these videos … Today, I can’t. Can someone explain me why?  I think it’s unfair …” Carla from Spain

This was the first time we did this geo-blocking of some of our content for reasons of protecting television rights in Germany. And as with everything else, there is a learning curve to that as well! As we unblocked the videos in Germany, we blocked them in the rest of the world … It has been fixed. Our apologies. To make up, we will shortly upload the two remaining clips of the Russian and Polish finalists. Pls. confirm that all videos are available in your territory.

IDSF Communications

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